1) Providers of leading edge advisory services to the LNG and gas industry, QED specialises in all strategic,
    commercial and operational aspects of the international gas business.

2) QED has a proven track record of managing projects involving multiple stakeholders and multiple advisory
    firms to provide the full spectrum of skills and experience required to meet the scope of work.

3) QED has grown by forming close working relationships with our clients, seeking to understand fully the
    nature of their greatest challenges and to assist them in meeting these.

  What do our advisory services cover?
  •  Strategy & Planning (reserve monetisation,
     master planning, market entry)
  •  Project Development (feasibility, tenders,
     economic modelling)
  •  Project Implementation (contracts &
     negotiations, due diligence,
  •  Project Operation (disputes,
     regulation, capacity building)

  What does QED stand for?
    There are two answers to this question.
    The first relates to the legal name of the
    company, which is Quality Energy
    Developments Consulting Ltd.
    The second answer is the inspiration behind our
    name - the Latin phrase 'quod erat demonstrandum'
     adapted from the Greek meaning
     'that which is to be proved'.